DARN ( Doomsday Accelerated Redneck 'Ngeneering )

DARN is the overall title of a body of work by Sidney Church. This body of work covers many different disciplines and ways of making. The series cultivates DIY designs and sculptural objects to prepare us for imaginative space travel, and if we don't have time to make it to space before the world ends, the DARN series also supplies us with objects to help us survive the on-coming apocalypse.

This body of work ultimately emerged due to Sidney's fear of an end of the world scenario due to the ever-growing hostile global politics and threats of nuclear attacks, as well as worsening changes in the global weather climate. The overall aesthetic owes itself to Sidney growing up poor in the rural South, where the lack of financial resources and parentally inspired DIY attitude gave him a means to subvert inaccessibility. Also as part of the work, many of the designs and coding created for many of the pieces, including things such as robotics, 3D printer designs, and code, will be released as open-source projects in order to give back to a community that has afforded him so much.