Sidney Church is an interdisciplinary artist that utilizes physical computing, digital fabrication, XR, games, coding and design to create multifaceted work that teeters between the real-world and the digital-world.

After receiving his MFA, he moved to Phoenix, AZ and helped co-found a maker-space that served the local community. It was there he was lucky enough to help inspire marginalized groups through technology by teaching workshops and camps with groups such as: Girls in STEM, Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, homeless youth, Girl Scouts, and the National American Indian Science & Engineering Fair.

Afterwards he moved to Pittsburgh, PA to work and teach at Carnegie Mellon University. Shortly following the birth of his first child, he became a stay at home father.


Sidney's body of work investigates the blurred line between the digital and the physical, along with the ebb and flow from one to the other. Given our years of isolation throughout the pandemic, he noticed how the realm of the digital encroached into our physical lives more than ever.

His research continues translating the digital into the physical, but also delves into how we can affect the physical world from the digital world and vice versa. For a time we saw a trend towards the concept of the metaverse through the use of XR and NFTs. This peaked interests in the idea of the complete digital and its effects on our physical perception. How would this outright digital existence play on our physical lives?